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Anyone ever heard of this material? I presume it's some metal alloy - the PHB poked his head into my office and said, "Find out what you can about this material." I've found _one_ reference to it on the internet, at

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, but it only refers in passing. I'm not an ME, I'm only playing tool designer, so I don't know what "38-42 Rc" means; the PHB seemed to accept that (the "38-42 Rc" info), but was asking about cutting speed, and wants to know whatever he can find out.

So, does anybody have this material's properties memorized, or know where to look it up, or maybe even a vendor?

Thanks, Rich

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I'm not sure about the material spec., but "38-42 Rc" means the material has a surface hardness of between 38 and 42 Rockwell, C-scale. That's about the hardness of an alloy steel like 4140 heat-treat. It's hard, but machinable.

Don Kansas City

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Thanks! Rich

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Rich Grise


I'll bet it is a proprietary tool steel of some sort

I found additional reference to it

here's the link

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H13 is tool steel & PH (I assume) means percipation hardening; which makes sense I'm guessing FXT2 is some sort of H13 tweak.

My suggestion is to call around to tool steel distributors & ask....tell them the PHB story & they should be pretty helpful

and here's a copy & past of the section in case the link doesn't work


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founded in 1972, currently employs 400 workers and runs 30 lathes and mills. It operates in various industries, including off-highway, automotive, aerospace, railroad, agricultural, material handling, energy and mining. The company isn't your typical "heat it and beat it" forge shop and has always been in the forefront by investing in new technology and making advancements in its manufacturing processes.

On this particular project, Presrite needed to develop new methods for manufacturing dies out of FXT2/H13 PH. Previously, this process had been limited. To produce the five dies a week, it needed a new system. After analyzing the process and making its changes, the company contacted Iscar Metals Inc. to upgrade its tooling for the project. Its Iscar rep suggested the new FeedMill-a great family of tools for mold and die applications.

good luck


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replying to Rich Grise, Brett Berndt wrote: Finkl & Sons Co. FX Temper 2 (T2=38-42Rc) Kind of H13 Pre-Hard from what I can see.

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Brett Berndt

Don't be surprised if Rich does not see a 10 year old thread. Did you try replying directly to his email address?

David A. Smith

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