Welding Titanium

I am going to attempt to Tig weld some titanium. What I have read thus far indicates it is critical to weld in an Argon atmosphere so I have made a little manifold to flood the entire piece in Argon. The other important factor is cleaning the piece before welding. Any ideas of what to use for this? Flus? If so what kind?


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I admit I don't know anything about welding titanium per se, but TIG means Tunsten in Inert Gas. The "torch" for TIG provides a inert gas nozzle around the tunsten electrode in the weld area to prevent oxidation/or other compounds from forming with the molten metal. The inert gas ( Argon) provides the atmoshpere so you do not need a "flux". If one is TIG welding pipe, it is common to purge through the pipe witht he argon also allowing the inert gas to excap through the open to-be-welded pipe joint.

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Best way is to weld it inside a small glove box ( like a sand blaster) whle purging with argon. No flux is used

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