Welding 316 Ti Stainless to 516 Gr 70 with Titanium cladding

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There is a case about welding titanium cladded carbon steel(516 Gr 70) to stainless steel (316 Ti) and i need some advice. What problems can occur during the welding, which precautions should i take, also is GTAW the best process for this joint? And what kind of filler material should i choose. I'll be very gladfull if you can help me.


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In my opinion you must eliminate theTitanium for 2-3 cm therefore to put to knot the steel, weld the steel and the 316 with the 309SS then to bring back titanium (TIG recladding) in order to cover the welding zone. TIG is the best proces. The recladding of Titanium must be under inert gas ( Argon ) with one large ceramic cup.

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Well, you won't be able to join the stainless to the titanium. The metals are incompatible if you're looking at conventional fusion welding.

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John Gullotti

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