Question on brazing with arc welder.

Some time back there was a discusion about brazing with a arc welder and a carbon rod holder kit. I am from New Zealand and some chap was saying he brazed copper spouting and used a carbon rod in a normal holder plus a stinger. What is a stinger,and did I read the post right. Thanks.

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Carbon arc brazing is normally done with a two carbon holder.

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advantage with the two carbon version is that you have a steady source of heat, you can move or remove the heat from the braze area to control the joint. A single carbon version works the same except you have much less control of the heat plus the pitting associated with the actual arc to base metal strike point.

I haven't used it but it should go like this: Use a copper coated carbon in your regular rod holder, (3/8" is a good starting size), set the welder to a relative low current (60 amps for 3/8"), hook up the ground cable to the base metal, strike the arc, and go. Arc length will vary,

1/4" is too short and hot, 1" will give you a very unstable arc.

This method is really > Some time back there was a discusion about brazing with a

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Thank you for the information.

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