Question about a Linde Utility Welder 230


I'm new to welding (teaching myself) and someone gave me a Linde Utility Welder 230 but it has no cables/electrodes. Is their a specific kind I need to get for this welder???

Thanks in advanced kelmster

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What little I can find on the welder in question leads me to believe it is a standard 230 amp output transformer (buzz box) unit. 240 volt/53 amp input.

If it has female jacks on the front panel, you will want to find suitable male plugs. Unfortunately, there is no standard for these, you will just have to try various plugs. If it has stud/lug connection, no big deal. A 230 amp welder should have #2 cables if they are short (25' or so) and larger if longer. Price of copper will cause heart failure these days you may want to skimp and get #4. Most hobbyist welders never run big rods so #4 may work fine for you. Get a 25' stinger lead, the ground lead can be a bit shorter. Buy a rod holder and a ground clamp and you are good to go.

I strongly recommend a beginner use some easy rod to get started. Pick up a 10# package of 1/8" 6013 and burn lots of it on some clean scrap stock. Start at about 110 amps (each welder is different so this is just a starting point) Once you get beads where the slag lifts off in a neat trail behind you, try the same with some 6011 (good for rusty/dirty steel)

Have fun!! wrote:

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Thank you so much. Also trying to find a copy of owners manual

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You might post where you are. There might be someone on this news group that is close to you and could help you get started. Learning to weld is mostly practice , but having some one to give you a couple of pointers would be helpful.


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