welding stainless steel to platinum

I have a problem figuring out how to weld platinum to stainless steel.
What would be the best method to accomplish this? I know it is
possible because I have evidence of such welds, but I don't know how
to do it productively. I need a strong weld that is impervious to
corrosion after completion.
What flux is used? Should it be an arc weld or a torch weld? It
seems to be done with arc welds in factories, but is it also possible
to use a torch?
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
A second question: when using a laser welder - does titanium still
oxidize or can a laser welder avoid this?
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Alan Greenie
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Does ANYONE have even a HINT as to how to weld precious to ferrous metals? How can one weld platinum to stainless steel?
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Alan Greenie
am guessing some form of "super" braze would/could do the trick
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What you're talking about isn't really welding, since you have dissimilar metals to be joined. About the only welding process which might produce a sound joint would be explosive welding. Otherwise, you're looking at brazing or soldering the two different metals together.
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Gary Coffman

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