Laser cut parts don't match plan

I have the Uravitch Cessna 195 kt from Hobby Hanger, and several of the parts don't match the Flying Models mag. plans. Is this "par for the course" from Hobby Hanger kits? Thanks, Ted in Mich.

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Ted W Lee
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Why not E-mail Rich Uravitch and ask him if he knows why?

Cheers -- Lyman

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Lyman Slack

I have had this several times.

Its been traced to different causes each time.

1/. The part was copied with a scaling in it. Nasty.

2/. The plan got damp and stretched..

3/. The wood got dry, and shrank.

4/. The laser was overpowered and covered in crud and out of focus, and burned a thicker line than usual.

Which one of these is the possible cause, is hard to say without more detail.

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The Natural Philosopher

As an example, the fuselage side ( comes in 3 parts , lite-ply & balsa) after glueing together is about 1/4" short in length. Other lite-ply parts which form the "tail group", wing tips etc. when glued together don't match the plan. Hope this explanation helps. Thanks, Ted. P.S. Top Notch has a 195 kit which the company owner in reply to my email to him says his kit parts fit together perfectly. It costs more- $150.00(that price includes all sheathing and other balsa) vs the Hobby Hanger kit which costs $75.00.(no sheathing etc.)

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Ted W Lee

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