I must be missing something. I am inserting a SW bom into an assy drawing. I have the views linked to the bom. In the part properties I have listed, partno 5000, description bracket.

When I go to the bom under the part number is listed the name of the part, not the number 5000, why, what gives? Like I said, in the part properties config, I have partno listed as

5000, why isn't that showing up in the column for part number? Please I wrestled with this in Excel format, and got it. Now it seems that its not working in the SW version. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Pick on the description cell or any within the column for which one you want to change and choose the COLUMN PROPERTIES tab in the Feature manager. Then you will probably need to toggle OFF the Part Number at the top and then choose Custom Property and then you should be able to choose the custom property of the part files.

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