Assembly "Component Name" in BOM, custom properties

Is there a way I can extract the component name of a part in an assembly to insert into the BOM or as a custom property in a note? This is after I've changed its name in the assembly: i.e. CB-1, CB-2, SW-1, SW-2 etc. to match a wiring diagram.


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If you look in API help under Traverse assembly you will find a macro that will go through your assembly. You will still have to extract and print to file whatever information you need from each component and configuration you have found.

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The the SW BOM (not Excel BOM) column properties, you can assign a custom property to each cell in the BOM. You can pick "SW-File Name" from the drop-down list to have the file names inserted into a column in the BOM. path names andconfiguration names are also available.

You can to a similar thing in notes attached to parts in drawing views by linking to this property: $PRPVIEW:"SW-File Name" Again, check the drop- down lists. There is a very similar mechanism for notes in models.

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