Custom properties in Drawing

Is there a way to display a custom property of a specific file in a
note in a drawing file, without using the $PRPVIEW or $PRPSHEET
Let's assume I have a file named: 'File1.sldasm' that contains a
custom properties name 'Prop1'.
I'd like to be able to call something like:
$PRP:" snipped-for-privacy@File1.sldasm" (instead of $PRPVIEW:"Prop1")
What would be the correct syntax?
-----/////--- More complex question below... ---\\\\\-----
Why do I want to do that?
My final goal is to take the value of a property from the assembly
and have that value display in EACH line of a specific colum in a SW-
I assume that the syntax I seek could be used as a column equation in
a SW-BOM to have the property display on each line. (The $PRPVIEW
syntax does not seem to work.) Of course, if there is any other way
to achieve that, I would gladly use it.
(And, in case you wonder why I'd like to have a property displayed on
each line, it is because I'd like to use it on another column as an
input to a 'IF' statement.)
Thank you for your help!
- Bromptonville
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You may be able to do this with a macro feature embedded into each model that searches for your assembly and pulls that value, then populated that value in the model. Macro features refresh each time the model is rebuilt, so it will not be 100% dynamic, but will still update frequently.
Matt Lorono
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Did you check out all of your options for properties in notes? Besides the drawing and default model, you can connect to the model displayed in a specific view or the model to which a note is attached (with a leader). Perhaps add a view displaying just the model of interest?
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I just tried this: Create note with a leader attached to component of interes. Insert properties into note with option to use component to which note is attached. Finish note. Edit note again, and remove leader (red "X"). Note will still be associated with that component until a new leader is attached elsewhere.
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