Linking Configuration custom property to a drawing

I need to link a configuration specific property, "Description" to a drawing field called "Description". The model has

2 version, 1 with a logo, and 1 without a logo. I want (2) drawing for each part, but different descriptions.

I know how to link to a default model configuration, but how do I link the description field on the drawing to the configuration specific property?

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Not exactly sure what you are trying to do, but I can guess. You have 2 views of the same model, in different configurations? You want the Description" Config Specific Property to display for each config?

I don't think you can. To link to a Config Specific config property, it is the same as linking to a custom one. SW will look for the property name in config specific first, and then in custom. So, if you have a Description property in config specific (set to Fred) and a Description property in Custom (set to Bob), when you have it display on the drawing it will be Fred. If you want Bob to show, you have to change it property name....

Of course, I could be wrong.

Mr. Pickles

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Mr. Pickles

Go to your part or assembly and go into properties > Config Spec (CS) tab

Then make a new field called "CS_Description" Enter in your text "description #1" and hit the add button. Change to your other config. Go into the CS tab and click on the CS_Description enter text, "description #2" hit modify. OK

Now go into your drawing and add a note and insert the CS_Description" field.

Copy this note and click on the second view in your drawing and paste. Both notes should have the correct description in them, if they don't do a ctrl Q rebuild.

I hope this helps,


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