How to retrieve a custom EVALUATED property

Hi everyone (new here)

I have written a custom property interface that mostly runs propertie

to be used later in a bill of material on a drawing

My question is, when a user links a dimension (say, extruded lengt

for example) to the "quantity" property, how can I get a secondar field to show th Evaluate Property

say... 6

instead of [i:7d575ea569] "D1@Extrude1@@Default@30611

0.75x2.SLDPRT"?? [/i:7d575ea569

I envisioned it being in part of a custom property call, lik

[i:7d575ea569]CustomInfo2[/i:7d575ea569], but I still havene't foun it

Any help from you gurus would be appreciated

I'll try to upload an image when I get home

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I guess you mean GetCustomInfoValue?

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Markku Lehtola

Yeah, you were right Mark. That eneded being it

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