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This is for a plate template that I am making for users at the company where I work. I need to grab dimensions of a start part within the template, do some multiplication on them, and make the final value show up as a custom property. Such as lenght * width * thickness * .2836. Or more specifically "D1@ snipped-for-privacy@Part1.SLDPRT" * "D1@ snipped-for-privacy@Part1.SLDPRT" * "thickness@ snipped-for-privacy@Part1.SLDPRT" * .2836. Can anyone tell me how to do this, or give me a better way to make it show up as a custom property. Thanks for any help given, I really need it.

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One way would be to have the template have a line in a sketch that is controlled by an equation. This equation would do the math, with the multiplication factor being a custom property for ease of use. Then you could have a custom property that is tied to the length of the line.


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