Assign Custom Property to a Variable

I want a custom property "Area" to be assigned to "SW-SurfaceArea" with
a macro
(or automatically to large number of existing files). For new files,
I've added property to template.
The manual way to do this is
go to Custom Properties
Property Name: Area
Type: Text
Value: " snipped-for-privacy@Part1.sldprt" (select from scrolldown)
How do I add Property and value(referencing file) with a macro?
I use the following line and get SW-SurfaceArea for Value.
I need "SW-SurfaceArea" to be evaluated. How do I get the quotes?
retval = Part.AddCustomInfo3("", "AREA",
Thanks, Blair
BTW: I'd prefer a dynamic link, so I haven't used GetMassProperties
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Blair Sutton
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How about a batch update program? I've tried Propagater in the past with great success! It's at
formatting link
and has a free trial "light version" and the full blown package is $50 (well worth the price vs. programming something yourself).
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Keith Streich
You can try my macro if you like:
formatting link
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Thanks Keith and Steve for the responses.
Keith, Propagator does add "smart" mass properties which was what I wanted.
Steve, Thanks for sharing your Macros. Batch-Add-Macros add the smart properties that I want. It also allowed me to peek inside and see that I had to put together a string with " in the form of ch(34) to keep the quotes necessary.
Thanks for the useful help.
Sincerely, Blair
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Blair Sutton

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