tutorial: create SW addin in VB6

Posted materials from presentation to Illinois-Wisconsin comined user
group meeting Nov. 10.
Presentation shows how to take a macro, migrate it into VB, and turn it
into an addin with menu picks and toolbars. Includes Powerpoint, VB
code, macro code, and toolbar bitmaps. VB code is well-annotated with
references and step-by-step instructions.
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When and where did the rest of this get posted? They were supposed to send an email out to all that attended for this stuff.
Ken M.
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Actually, I posted this the night before the presentation, so that I could tell people where to find it during the presentation.
I sent the link to Gene DiMonte to incllude with follow-up stuff on the various user group sites. I haven't seen it posted anywhere else, as yet.
Not holding my breath for the Milwaukee group website to post the link. They still list June's meeting in future tense.
snipped-for-privacy@hotmail.com wrote:
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Forgive the double-post. Google hiccuped.
Anyhoo... I posted this the night before the meeting, so that I could tell people where to look.
I've informed Gene DiMonte of the location. No sign on the user group websites. Milwaukee's user group site still lists June 2004 meeting as an upcoming event!
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