tig tutorial

As I said before I have a unimig similar to au unimig 190, it is not a
dedicated tig machine it is mig tig and dc stick,I am trying tig without
much sucess, every tutorial carrys on about specialised tig machines
I wish instruction on basics voltage setting if applicable and current
settings and how to without pedals, buttons fancy ignition,just scratch
start and valve on handle for gas
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F Murtz
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TIG is a constant-current process like SMAW / "stick". You set the Amps only and Volts floats to what it does according to the Laws of the Universe. So you want to be on the setting for DC "stick". Regarding your set-up, I have to recall where I have used very improvised methods, and been admonished for not have the "proper" kit - yet got good results. So - I all sounds improbable, but by all means report back showing us you know where you are going with this. Best wishes, Rich Smith
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Richard Smith
On Sun, 5 Sep 2021 23:39:32 +1000, F Murtz wrote as underneath :
Might this help! C+
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Met "6013 only" welding machines, for sure.
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Richard Smith

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