Inventor has "Slice graphics" Does SW have a similar option?

I have learned Inventor and now am using Solidworks. Everything is
fine except I cannot find a similar function to the Inventor slice
graphics option. I am working on "box" like parts. They are enclosures
with details on the inside as well as the outside. I enjoyed the
ability to select an inner wall as a sketch plane and then slice the
graphics out of the way. Can SW do this as well. Please help.
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Alan Terhark
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called section view. look in help. (Alan Terhark) wrote in news:b42f89b9.0410061914.6ff2cc1
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In SW it is called section view, is available on the view command toolbar. It can take multiple planes away. I have used it quite effectively on cored out castings.
Alan Terhark wrote:
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Hi Alan,
Our company is trying to find a suitable 3D cad system. We do not make plastic parts - mostly straight edged steel parts.
What is the better program?
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John Smith
SolidWorks of course.
SW is really good at prismatic parts. Very efficient. Capable of large assemblies, etc.
There have been many threads on this newsgroup covering this subject. Search for Inventor and SolidWorks in google.
Certainly as far as feature wars go, Inventor has done a good job of copying SolidWorks (and sometimes vice versa).
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