SW World 2006 Day 4 Including SW 2007 New Features!!!!

WARNING: Extremely long post ahead!!!

What and exciting morning session!!!! Today's general session was all about SW2007, and what to expect. The overall theme for version

2007 is: "Reducing CAD Overhead". They chose the dating game format to introduce the new features. The female contestant would ask the male contestants about different parts, and very funny and entertaining way of doing it.

So here they are:


You will be able to link ANY custom property into a balloon.

The ability to add jump points to leader lines so you can bend them around to your liking.

When adding a view to a drawing, a new plane will show in graphical icons, exactly how each view will look, before you place it.

When you start placing dims in a drawing, they will automatically start to move around when you drop them. Basically eliminating the clutter of overlapping dims.


The ability to create multiple relations at once. Have 15 bearings and

15 shafts, select them all, and mate them at the same time. SW will create a multi mate folder. The multi mate tool will work with every mate type.

A new rack and pinion mate has been added.

A new tool called data share expands on the file>find references tool. The new Data Share will copy all files, AND drawings into a new location where you can save, or email it directly from the window.

Sharing assemblies that contain toolbox parts with other people will get easier. SW2007 will be able to find the necessary parts upon opening an assembly even if they aren't saved into the file sent out to your customer.

A new belt command will allow users to select pulley faces, and SW2007 will create a path where the belt will follow. At that point you will also be able to create the belt itself with the standard modeling features. It will also ad a mate that when you rotate one pulley, it will rotate them all!

Sketch blocks now have belt and track relations where you can create moving sketches of cams and belts movements.


A new Push Pull feature allows you to create points and mesh on a surface, and then be able to drag those areas to form new shapes. This feature will work on both scanned parts, and imported parts!!


New Beam Analysis feature.

Tolerance expert analysis.

Cosmos express now has the ability to provide the min factor of safety.


Cone bends are now shown in the flattened view

You can now unfold curved bends

Those are the very brief overview of the new features, I was writing stuff down as fast as I can! The them of Reducing CAD Overhead was well reached.

The top 10 enhancements at SW World 2006 were:

  1. Recreate all mates when mirroring components
  2. Clearance-check in assemblies similar to interference detection
  3. Select sub-assembly via right click on one of its parts
  4. Represent item such as grease, adhesive, and paint in the bill of materials
  5. Link balloons parametrically to text in a note
  6. Copy entire drawing sheet, or a portion of it, into the same drawing, or a different one
  7. Create component patterns based on curve/sketch driven patterns
  8. Select cylindrical surface to specify axis of a circular pattern
  9. Provide more options to create reference planes and axis
  10. Provide same printing options in Task Scheduler as in Solidworks

PDM Enhancements:

#1 Generate PDF files during check in or when lifecycle changes

COSMOSWORKS Enhancements:

#1 Analyze models where loading changes with time

At the end they announced where next years event will be:

February 4-7 in The Big Easy New Orleans

My morning session was Managing Large Assemblies and Performance by Greg Jankowski. For all those that don't know, Greg is the author of the hit book Solidworks for Dummies, He also a very polished speaker. His presentation is so well put together; I may present it myself at one of our future meetings.

So now its off to lunch, then a few appointments with some vendors, and

2 afternoon sessions. Look for a day 4 afternoon and general wrap-up later this afternoon.

Quick note on my gambling so far, I havent lost a penny, of course I havent gambled one either!

Thanks for reading.

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Forgot to add they will be sending out a DVD containing highlights, and presentations here at SW World 2006.

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Mike it seems that great times are ahead of us! Thanks for investing your time and effort in reporting from this fabulous event (one day I know I will make it to attend a SWW event, especially when I think of all those extra fun activities which accompany this event).


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Gil Alsberg

thanks for the info !! BRILLIANT !!

Where do you think that DVD can be gotten ? (for folk who couldn't make it).

I hope some of the new presentations will be available for Download (as Curvy stuff 101 etc.)

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Life in Mono

Mike, I attended only the floor vendor show, but met with one of the SolidWorks execs at their booth, and noted that SolidWorks World at best gets 1% of their user base to Las Vegas.

So I said, why not put together presentations, video of the floor show, vendor clips and documents, and what ever other video and promo materials, and put it on a DVD for the OTHER 99% of the users to buy who could NOT attend.

He said "Hey, that might be a great idea." OK, I'm not going to do a who invented type thing, as it was already being done for conference attendees for the conferences, but there is more out there to be shown to more people.

It is obvious that most serious SolidWorks users would pay some amount for the annual DVD of the SolidWorks World conference. If a DVD were sold for $20 and got 100,000 users to pony up their credit card online, would that make it worthwhile? I've got no clue as to the right price for the max coverage to users, but in reality, there is no reason all the SolidWorks users wouldn't be interested.


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I'd gice $20 for it

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Life in Mono

Ask your VAR. They've always limited the CDs to attendants until now, but if enough people ask, they may change their minds.

A lot of the presenters make them available on their own websites. In particular, you can find Ed Eaton's at the DiMonte Group website under tutorials:

formatting link
won't have the very latest presentations up for a while (I forget how long), but you can find his earlier ones, including All of the Curvy stuff from 101 to 301. Anyone who is doing swoopy geometry should download them. Anyone who doesn't do swoopy geometry should download Surfacing for Blockheads. Anyone who is doing anything in SolidWorks should download Rebuild Errors.

Jerry Steiger Tripod Data Systems "take the garbage out, dear"

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Jerry Steiger

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