SW World 2007 Wrap Up

Its been a quick 5 days here in New Orleans, and tomorrow I start my
journey home. First and foremost is the condition of the city. In
the downtown and convention area, you cant even tell anything ever
happened. Thats good for business, and that in turn will help the
city. There were quite a few skeptics of how well the conference
would turn out because of the storm, but I don't think it affected it
one bit.
Day 3 ended with a couple of good tips and tricks sessions, nothing
short of whats expected at SW World. And as soon as the day had
begun, it seemed like it was all over. While the crowds had thinned
out, even the 4-5 pm sessions had plenty of participants in them.
As promised earlier, here are the top 10 enhancement requests
submitted over the last 3 days:
10. Clearance check in assemblies similar to interference detection
9. Mirror assembly features
8. Provide support for dual monitors
7. Title Block Wizard - dialog box to input all title block info
6. Flat pattern of a mirrored sheet metal part
5. Slot feature or slot option in Hole Wizard
4. Input dimensions in drawing views of a mirrored or derived part
3. Ability to rename components (filenames) from the assembly
2. Propagate assembly features back into parts as features
1. Recreate all mates when mirroring components
There is no doubt that at SW World, everyone can learn something.
Thats part of the reason I come. The other reason is to come here and
see the passion fellow users have for the work they do. These people
love their work, and it become really evident over these 4 days. I
don't know how else to communicate how much I encourage everyone to
come to this conference at least once. I know this can be a big task
for some, so my next suggestion would be to check out a local user
group. The of the same people that attend the conference, also
regularly attend user group meetings.
formatting link
is the best place
to start to find one near you.
So thats SW World 2007. Another great time, and now its time to look
forward to next year. I hope to see some of you in sunny San Diego.
Thanks for following along.
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It's great to see that #1 enhancement request. I'm thinking it is a bug fix request rather than an enhancement request, since the function was theoretically in swx since sw2002? but has been completely broken the same amount of time.
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bill allemann

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