part similar to "phone untangler"?

Hello. I need to find a part similar to this
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preferably with more wires, and more durable.
I need something to be able to rotate without restraint, but it must
have wires connected to it to transmit data. If there is a
better/easier way, then please let me know.
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Yes there are, I've seen them upto 20 wires. They are called "electrical swivle", and are often used in the laboratry for animal experiments. (You'ld best "google" or "ixquick" for "animal experiment", because swivle will lead a lot of other things. They are not as cheap as those telephone thingies ;-) Stef
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Stef Mientki
this is a slip-ring assembly. Depending on the quality, number of traces, current, and frequency of the signals, they can cost $100 to more than you care to think about. The best will carry gigahertz and amps .
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