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Hi, Is there a way to get a view's scale as a custom property? I know you can get the sheet scale but my view's scales are set as different custom scales. My sheet scale is always 1:1. Is it a good way to work? What I understand of the scaling system is that the sheet format environment is always 1:1. When you set the scale as custom scale, the scale is apply in reference to the sheet format. When you scale with "sheet scale", you make the sheet bigger/smaller over the model (part, asembly) wich stays 1:1. Is it right?... but anyway I want the custom property of a view set to custom scale. Can someone helps? Thanks JC

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As far as I know, that property is not available, but I would like it to be.

I think your understanding of the scales is not quite correct. You can have the sheet scale set to whatever you want and the view scales, if set individually, will be correct in themselves - they are not a percentage up or down of the sheet scale. If I have multiple views on a sheet and have more than one scale, I normally set the sheet scale to the most prevalent, and rescale the unique ones. Or, set the sheet scale to the "main" view and let the others deviate from that.


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