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and download the driver for your OS and the SWX plugin. When both are installed, in SWX go to Tools > Addins and enable 3DControl. Then go to View > Toolbar and open the 3DControl toolbar, which you can use to configure the Spaceball buttons and motion controls.
Art W
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Art Woodbury
It seems they just have one (very large) driver that does all these days.. just to keep things simple I guess.
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Cam J
I purchased a used spaceball, version 3003
I have a Spaceball 3003 I bought for a song on eBay. Haven't figure
out how to get it operational yet. I went to 3Dconexion for th driver and they say they stopped supporting the 3003 model in Marc 2004. The most recent driver they wrote for it was for Win98 an they don't offer that. They say the 3003 spaceball won't operat with the driver they supply now I've seen a Win98 driver and a Linux driver elsewhere on the internet but that won't help. I D/L'd the '98 driver. Its an .exe file an it won't run in a 32 bit OS
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I'm using a 3003 on XP with SW 2004 through 2006. No problems Can you tell which drivers you use and where I can download thes drivers Which settings do I have to change within SW 2005
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