old spaceball

I have happened onto an old spaceball, model 2003, it has
no cables with it and looks to need a power source.
I have used a 3003 in the past, but it must have drawn power from the serial
so I am guessing they require 5-9v in the 100-300 ma range.
Anyone use/know about these things? - to clarify, this device has a base
shaped like a question mark on it's
back with a 2.5 ball in the cup of the base, buttons on the top. Looks to be
new, but seperated from
documents, cables and software.
Dave G.
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Dave Gee
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Lack of cords may be the least of your problems. 3DConnexions has announced that it won't support older models with software anymore. I have a 3003 that is being obsoleted by lack of software, not by any mechanical or electrical problem or even by lack of needed functionality. You might want to look for the drivers for this, especially for the SW addin. In case you didn't know you will need two drivers, one is a general driver and the other is specific to SW.
Dave Gee wrote:
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Dave, I recieved a power-supply from 3D connexion upon request. Software to make the unit go can be had from the 3D connexion site. However, the 2003 is no longer supported. So the drivers may not be on the site anymore for that unit. If you need some older drivers let me know. I have all the releases going back a year or so. You will indeed need a special serial cable for the unit. This should be something that 3D connexion can get you as well.
Bummer I gave both my 2003's away when I bought my new XT's. I would have been able to help you out had I not done that.
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Works off the serial port, no separate supply. I have the first version "Space Controller" will work in SW 2004 and others with two separate drivers. Drivers emailed to your private address. But change the ext from .pdf to .exe to get past your virus checker.
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Simon Bottomly

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