Spaceball 3003, 3003C, 3003C FLX?

Differences between these? Or are they really the same thing? How can
one tell which model is which (if they're different)? I can find a
number of auctions on them, but it's really hard to tell what's what.
Some that don't SAY 3003C on the back actually are advertised as such.
I have one, but I want another (one for work, one for home), and so do a
couple of coworkers.
Ahem . . . please no spiels about the differences between the 3003 and
the 4004. I'm aware of the advantages of the multitudinous buttons, and
I don't really care.
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Hi Spork,
Went to the Logicad 3D website. No information on any of the older stuff. We have a couple of 3003's at work, I"m thinking the differences "may" be the type of buss, USB, serial etc. I'll look on Monday.
Man... these things are as expensive as a Magellan, I thought they were much cheaper. For the same money, I'd take the Magellan Classic. We have both, and the Magellan has a much nicer feel. It's also allot heavier, the drivers are more stable, and has a much nicer more comprehnsive programming interface for the buttons.
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Mark Mossberg
Hey there, Amigo!! Yes, I can't find anything much on the 3DConnexion Web site either. From what a coworker remembers the diff between the 3003 and 3003C is probably firmware, but I don't know if that means the older 3003 won't work with the later drivers or has some kind of functional limitation or just what. I did find out that 3DConnexion is dropping its driver and technical support of the 2000 and 3000 series as of January 1st next year . . . so future Windows releases and perhaps even future SolidWorks releases may make them obsolete. BTW 3DConnexion is willing to give you a $100 rebate check with your older Spaceball if you buy a Spaceball 5000 . . . at $500 (!!!!). Meanwhile you can get the 3003 and 3003C sometimes on eBay for $30 or so if you keep checking back.
Best regards, Mark 'Sporky' Amigo Stapleton Charlotte, NC
Mark Mossberg wrote:
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Hi Spork,
I am using two 3003 FLX (one at work, one at home). The type-lable on the bottom says on both Spaceballs "Modell 3003C" although on the top plastic housing stands a big "3003 FLX". May be the "C" is an internal specification while the "FLX" sounds more like marketing ;-)) One difference I found out about the 3003: There is one versions where the ball has a little freespace and can be slightly moved in any direction before it reacts on the screen. The other version feels as if the ball has absolutely no freeplay and moves directly on any touch. I prefer the first one, cause it is more comfortable to rest the hand on.
If you manage to get a 3003 for 30 bugs you don´t need to care about the different versions. You will get a good value anyway.
Regards and good luck
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I've used a 4000 FLX at work for several years. When I started to do contract work on the side at home I found myself continually reaching with the left hand for the spaceball that wasn't there. I purchased a 3000 FLX on ebay for 24.50 + shipping and it is the best purchase I ever made. The missing buttons - no problem I never use them on either model anyway. Yeah I got the email from 3Dconnection telling me that the support for the 3000 was going to end and offering to give me $100 dollars off on one of their current models. Still pondering this....
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Not Necessarily Me
FLX simply means flexible, the ball is a litte more "free" in the movement and not so static as the "normal" 3003. The 'C' i have not heard of, perhaps it's the one marketed by Compaq?
/ Mr Atari
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Mr Atari
I already replied to Spork privately on this. I have a spaceball with the label "3003 FLX" on the palm rest, and the model number "3003C" on the baseplate. It has the flexible ball and was a trade-in for the older 2003 with a fixed ball. I also have a couple of the Compaq-branded ones that simply have the "3003C" on the baseplate.
It's no wonder there is confusion about models.
Art W.
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Art Woodbury

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