SpacePilot vs. SpaceBall

I have the oppurtunity to get a SpacePilot or a SpaceBall from 3D Connexion. I was wondering if any of you had experience and input on the new SpacePilot.

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I have always used a sapceball since the beginning of my swx career (v99). i actually find it very difficult not to have one, it really slows me down. i just had the opportunity to get the pilot and i must say it stomps the ball. it is incredibley smooth. the ball wears out and gets really shakey, my ball at home right now is pretty much shot afte 3 yrs. i just got the pilot so i dont know what it's shelf life is going to be but the predefined buttons are awsome. my only gripe about either poduct (and this is more for my parents DNA) the ball buttons

2/3 are too far for me to comfortably use, the pilot are even futher away. ( i know i know small hand small.....;-) hth

cheers c[[]]

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Get the SpacePilot, simple as that. I love mine and feel lost without it.

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Jeff Mirisola

I tried a SpaceBall and didn't like the feel of the ball. I tried a SpacePilot and like that "handle" much better. Since I use keyboard hotkeys "a lot" I don't use the configurable buttons on the SP as much as I could, but I still have programmed a few and use them. I like mine.


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Wayne Tiffany

I have a SpaceBall (lab), SpacePilot (office) and a SpaceTraveler (home). I don't use the buttons much so the SpacePilot is really overkill for me. I prefer my SpaceTraveler. Maybe if I used the buttons more...

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