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"Jerry" wrote
I've been using a 3D Connexion (3DX), SpacePilot with ProE Wildfire for a few days now and it works great! It performs equally well in model, analysis, sketch & detail modes. I was concerned that the SpacePilot would not have the precise motion control & feel as I have become accustom to with the SpaceMouse Classic or SpaceMouse Plus, but not so. In fact, I think I like the control/feel even better with the SpacePilot. The sleek base is very stable during use (unlike other non-SpaceMouse controllers I've used). Button programming is easy. If you can create a map-key in ProE, you can easily program the SpacePilot. The LCD display and 6 associated buttons are very useful additions. With the "config" key you can page through multiple sets of ProE commands (stored user configurations) with each command & it's respective button listed in a table on the LCD. If you don't want to create map keys there are plenty of preset ProE commands provided. I can't believe that 3DX has added all that value & functionality to the SpacePilot and still kept their selling price at the same level as the SpaceMouse Plus.
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I've been using mine for a few days now as well and can only agree with what md1 has said. I previouly used the spacemouse plus and was very impressed with that, but the addtion of the LCD to the space pilot has made it even better for customisation.
The inclusion of the standard keys (Ctrl, Shift, etc, 3D lock, fit etc) also adds to the functionality and I find the sensitivity adjustment very useful. However, these were basically all the keys I had dialled in to the preset buttons on the spacemouse plus so I'm a bit at a loss as to what else to program in (any suggestions appreciated).
Overall, I think its a great step on from the spacemouse plus and at the price I think its a great addition to the daily ProE user (I now find it difficult going back to not using one on another persons machine)
Cheers Nick
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