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On the M-Tech Notebook computer I bought in Jan. 2005, the display just went bad. All faded out with colors way off-not usable. Almost looks like a bad connection. (When I hook up another monitor, everything looks fine ther so I know it's not the vid card. Not useful for traveling that way, of course.) Anybody ever had success getting something like this fixed?

Naturally, the warranty is expired-only got 1 year.

Thanks, jk

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I've bought replacement inverters for my HP laptop off of ebay, as well as a monitor cable. I got a replacement Toshiba laptop monitor for $50 off of ebay, a new one was $500. New parts are liable to be really expensive.

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I would attempt to reseat the cables, as this has happened to me before, and hopefully a bad connection is resolved.

If you buy a replacement cable, it should not be that expensive, and is probably worth a try before doing other expensive purchases.

Side Note: Dell's Complete Care has saved my buns on LCD issues. In fact my 3 year warranty is about up, and they sent me a note that I can order additional repair coverage for a few hundred dollars, and I may well do that, as I don't intend to replace the Dell for at least a year.


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Just to be safe - your color depth didn't get switched to 8-bit did it? The monitor out and the internal monitor can have different display settings. So don't rely on that as proof that it is working. You can see your monitor bit depth by going to Start -> Control Panel ->

Settings -> and look at the color quality dropdown. It should be set to 16 or 32 bit.

If you just need a new monitor cable, going to a mom and pop store and explaining what you need is often cheaper than having it serviced by the manufacturer. At the least they might be able to figure out if the problem resides with the panel or with the cable.

You should also try googling around for your laptop model and the problem. Often the same laptop models run into the same problems and inevitably someone has found a way that doesn't cost an arm and a leg to fix it.

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Mr. Who

I have had numerous laptops which developed screen anomolies, including fading out, single lines and bars and pink colors. Each one was a cable connector problem. Either unplugging and replugging connectors or replacing the cable fixed each one of my problems.

Exception was a new laptop which Dell just fixed under warranty in the first month.


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