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I want a drawing property to show up in the BOM. Is this possible at all? I will explain what I am trying to achieve here. We are building assembly lines, marking the different stations with numbers. What we would like is to enter a station number in the drawing properties, and automatically have this number show up in the BOM, so our purchasing dept. can sort by station no. and we can immediately see what parts are made/ordered for a particular station. We can not put this number in a part property, because they might be used in different stations. The drawing would be the best place. Anybody knows how to do something like this?

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Hello Nawadjiwon- Have you tried this method? Create an "empty" part with a "part number" of the desired "station number". Insert this empty part into your assembly. It will now show on the BOM. Best Regards, Devon T. Sowell

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You can use custom properties in your BOM. All you have to do is add the same heading to the BOM template and then insert that template into your drawing. It will then look for that information in any part listed in the BOM. BOM handling as I hear is quite different in 2004 but if you are using

2003 or earlier this should work just fine.

Regards, Corey

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Corey Scheich

If you don't want to store the property in the part file, would it be sufficient to reference the drawing property by a note on the drawing? Drawing notes can reference properties on the drawing document itself. If it really needs to be in the BOM, you could add configurations to your part and have the "Station Number" property vary depending on the configuration selected. The drawing would then reference the configuration of the part that had the appropriate Config-specific property for Station Number. This might be feasible if you are not already using configurations for a lot of other purposes. Otherwise I don't think you can pull drawing doc properties into the BOM.

Regards, Brenda

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