How to expect???

I'm located in the Mid-West (Mid-Michigan), and I do meet all of the
criteria for the following position, how much do you think this
position should pay? This company manufactures equipment for
companies that deliver to the consumers and businesses. Here is the
position details:
The Designer is a resource to the engineering and manufacturing
departments. Receiving directions from a Project Engineer, this
position will support engineering and manufacturing in producing
consistent, accurate drawings of assemblies and components that it
manufactures or purchases. In addition, the position will be
responsible for maintaining Bills of Material and Routings. Design
work is a key component of this position and the successful candidate
will be expected to execute minimally to moderately complex design
projects. Determines scale, performs complex mathematical calculations
and prepares layouts for detailing. Implements required changes to
resolve filed problems and improve product performance and
reliability. The successful candidate also assists in analysis of
problem areas and recommends solutions; makes decisions on the
suitability of the design using knowledge of characteristics of
specified product materials and production processes. The Designer
also assists with building prototypes and in validation of builds on
the production floor.
- A minimum of 5 years 3D and solid mechanical drafting and modeling
experience (AutoCAD 14 or higher, Solid Works, Solid Edge, Pro E,
etc.) is required.
- Associate degree required in a technical or manufacturing
discipline, Bachelors degree preferred
- Deep knowledge of manufacturing processes, metal working and
fabrication, and sound design fundamentals.
- Thorough knowledge of all drafting techniques and engineering
terminology is required.
- Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.
- Mechanical design experience (part and assembly design, tolerance
stack, modeling, etc) is required.
- Strong communication, teamwork, and planning skills.
- Must have mechanical aptitude and the ability to compute complex and
highly statistical specifications.
- Experience and ability to work with MS Office software (Word, Excel)
is required.
- Knowledge of drafting standards, particularly GD&T is required
- Ability to work effectively with hourly, marketing, and engineering
personnel is required.
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What it SHOULD pay and what it will or might pay could easily be two very different things in this day . . . as I'm sure you understand. It's hard to advise you what to ask without knowing more about your needs and the job market in your area, but the job market sucks in general . . . as I'm also sure you understand. More than 10 years ago I had to take a severe reduction in pay caused by a layoff, and the job market wasn't as tight then as it is now. Now people are being asked to take salaries or rates not too different from those 10 years ago and more. At that time (with about 13 or 14 years of experience and I was overqualified for the work), the job description below fit pretty well what I was doing, and I was earning just over $30,000 for it -- a sin, but it couldn't be helped because of the weak job market. Nowdays you may run into the same kind of expectations from companies. You can ask for more, and probably deserve it, but that very well may close off this particular opportunity. I wish you the best of luck on it.
-Matt wrote:
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It's going to be difficult to say how much they should pay. I would hope you would get at least high-$30k in your region.
But since you'll also be required to work with manufacturing (i.e. doing Engineering Change Orders) *shivers up the spine* you should be getting low-$50k. ;-)
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Ray Reynolds
35 to 45 thousand... demand 45 and settle for 35 GOOD LUCK.
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bob zee
Thanks for your responses, job market in this area isn't too bad, it seems to be picking up. In the past month I've seen about 5 designer positions open up that require SolidWorks experience.
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Hi to you Matt!
So much will not on them but your too will depend.
If you are have much experience and can make it happen then it will be good.
But if on the one of the hand, you are new to this field you can then expect to have the lesser.
Manytime I see employent people make a strategy if pay based on how they are feel about you skills, how will you be easier to get and things of like idea. So what is done by you will make many influences to well.
To many lately time I see them ask for the big degree and offer tasks and salery much below what person can do and deliver as much.
Much is to depend on what the company think of a personell. Don't forget and to check bathroom for basic humanite and clean-life - then you can know how they treat the persons.
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