Combining Two Model Properties and Show as Single Property in Drawing Title Block

Hi Gurus,

Currently the models have the following properties: PartNo (123-4567) Rev (00)

There is a requirement to show the combined properties on the drawing title block as a single field DrawingNo (123-4567-00)

What is the best way to achieve this?

Thanks in advanced. WK

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In an Assembly Drawing: $PRPMODEL:"Nomenclature" -P/N: $PRPMODEL:"SW-File Name" -"PRPMODEL:"PartRev" $PRPMODEL:"MaterialDescription" This reads as: FILL PLUG - P/N: F72387048S - F CF12L14 OR CF1215 STEEL

In an Detail or Component Drawing: PART NUMBER: $PRPSHEET:"PartNumber" REV.: $PRPSHEET:"PartRev"

This reads as: PART NUMBER: F72387048S REV: F

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Eddie Cyganik

works, thanks

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