Custom Property in Automatic Rev table, possible?

I want to add a custom property cell to my revision table. The custom
property is called "Drawn_By".
I put this in the cell
Since I want the custom property to come from the model. When I click
out of the cell, it displays $PRPSHEET:"Drawn_By" NOT the custom
property text.
Ive tried different custom properties, even $PRP:"Drawn_By" to get the
custom property from the drawing itself, it doesnt work.
Any ideas?
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SW Monkey
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You could add a column and add the custom property to that. Add the row (insert row), Click on column properties, Choose custom properties and select the property you want to add.
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I tried that. I get $PRPSHEET:"Drawn_By" shown.
See above.
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SW Monkey
Our Gold Partner product ToolWorks BOM Manager can solve this problem. You can create revision notes on your models and assemblies using the "revision note" feature. These notes are saved as Custom Properties that can be shown on your drawing template.
You can download a free 30 days trial from our website
formatting link

Regards Jess
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Jess G. Frandsen
Anyone figure this out yet? Is it not possible to do this with the new Revision table?
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SW Monkey

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