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We have recently adopted a different way of doing our revisions. The plan was, throughout the development and approval process, the Revision scheme would be alphabetic. When everything was approved, and the drawings were ready to be released for production, the Revision scheme would switch to numeric.

So, what we wanted was a scheme that went A, B, C until it was approved. Then switch to 1, 2, 3 for production released drawings. Before adopting this method, I tested SW to make sure it could in fact perform this way. IT DID!

So, now I just finished my first project with this scheme. All the drawings have alphabet revisions. Most of them are currently at A and some of them are at B. Now, when I go to switch the scheme to numeric, it wants to start with the next number after the equivalent alpha number.

For example, if the drawing is currently Revision A, I change the scheme and add a revision and it adds Revision 2 instead of 1. Or if the drawing is currently Revision B, I change the scheme and add a revision and it adds Revision 3 instead of 1.

I know that I tested this, and it DID perform the way I wanted it to. But now it is not. I know I'm not crazy. Does anyone have any clues what I may be doing different? I can't figure it out.

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Seth Renigar
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have a look at

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We have recently adopted a different way of doing our revisions. The plan

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solid steve

I didn't fully explain... What you posted is directly related to PDMworks. We don't have PDMworks.

I am simply using revision tables within a SW drawing.

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Seth Renigar

I don't have much use for the automatic increment anyway. But once it does increment, you can double-click on the rev level in the table and change it. All the associated stuff will update to match. I'm not sure how it will increment after that.

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Dale Dunn

That's the problem.... Future increments are hosed. Yes, I could manually change any future increments to the correct increment count. But I'm trying to avoid that.

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Seth Renigar

Did you delete the Rev. Table (or at least the Revision Rows inside it)?


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Tin Man

OK, I have found the problem. I have all of my drawing templates setup with a Rev table already inserted to save time. To save even more time, I also have the first revision already added as well.

On all of my drawings for this project, the first revision line was originally numeric (Rev 1), because I have just not had the time to update the templates since adopting this scheme. Therefore, to get the first revision scheme to show as alpha, I went to the doc properties, switched to alpha, and selected "change all". Everything was fine. The existing Rev 1 changed to Rev A, and any added Revisions were B, C, etc.

So then when the drawing were ready for production release, I went to the doc properties, switched to numeric, and selected "start from where user left off". Since the first revision line WAS originally numeric, it for some reason remembered this. So the next line added was always 2. So then I would have for example: A, B, C, 2, 3, 4.

So what I did was to delete the rev table and the revision custom property, save the drawing and close. This was basically to clear the document from knowing that it ever had a revision table in it. When I reopen the drawing I immediately change to the alpha scheme and add a revision table. The first line then will be alpha from the start. When I change to numeric and select "start from where user left off", the next revision added was rev 1 which is what I wanted.

So basically, if you change your existing scheme, it will remember what it USED to be before changing, and any following revision will be built on top of that. Took me a while to figure this on out...

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Seth Renigar

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