Precision of Mass Property in a drawing.

I have a field in my title block that shows the mass of the part. I want the display in the drawing to show the mass with a .1 lb precision. Right now, the display precision is based on the precision within the part. I have set, within the drawing, Tools/Options/Document Properties/Units/"Mass/Section property units"/Decimal Places/ to 1. This does not seem to have any actual effect on the drawing. Is this correct, or is it a bug? I have tried notes both as $PRPSHEET:"Weight" and "SW-Mass@$PRPSHEET:"SW-File Name".SLDPRT" The Weight is a custom property in the part or assembly file that is linked to the mass of the part or assembly. I think I set it up this way originally so that I don't have to specify SLDPRT or SLDASM in the title block.

Thanks for any help. Brian SW2007 SP2.2

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Brian Putnam
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Clip -- want the display in the drawing to show the mass with a .1 lb precision.


Using SW2006 SP5.0, I have found that the units as set in the drawing do not work. To correct the display in the drawing, I had to change the setting in the model (part or assembly) then the number of decimal places displayed as needed. Of course this presents a problem in itself. You would definitely want or require a higher precision at the part or assembly level. Good catch. Time to submit a "BUG Report". Eddie

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