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How can i get part configurations to all show up in the SW BOM?
Have a part that has 3 configurations and I want to show all 3 in a single
BOM. I have 'show config name' checked on the prop. of each config, have the
box checked to 'show each config as seperate item in BOM' checked in the BOM
So I insert my BOM template make sure PART NO. is checked for the part
number column properties but I only get the item from the single view a
picked when inserting the BOM not a listing of all 3 configurations.
Any help appreciated.
Steve R
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Steve Reinisch
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There is a show configurations section you have to put a checkmark next to each configuration. This is only available when using the Top Level Only option. Otherwise you are limited to a single configuration per BOM.
Regards, Corey Scheich
Steve Re> How can i get part configurations to all show up in the SW BOM?
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Thanks for the tip,
The problem is that this is a part file and not an assembly file and the Top Level Only option is greyed out. One way to kludge the solution would be to create an assembly of the part and insert that assembly into the drawing then select that view as the one to create the BOM from but that seems like, well, a kludge.
Steve R
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Steve Reinisch
I have requested of SW to allow a single BOM display of multiple configs of a part file, the same as an assy file. If you agree with that request, you might fill out an ER to pull it up in the priority list.
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Wayne Tiffany
Have you tried inserting a Design Table into your drawing? That would be one way to show all your configs. You may have to modify the spreadsheet some, but it would show all the info you need.
Steve O
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