2005sp0.1 - SW BOM, Configs, & Balloons

We've got an assembly we created back in SWX2003 and have used and modified since, it has a number of subassemblies and a number of configurations.

When trying to apply Balloons to the Assembly, items in the Sub-Assy's of all configs except Default show as an Asterisk, or their individual Item Number(depending on which settings I choose)- even though the BOM is showing the SubAssy (ie- balloons will show either '*' or '86' even though the BOM goes only up to 31.

I've checked that all the configs are matching between the drawing views, BOM, and Assy. Also the only Config that seems to work as expected is the Default.

Any suggestions on where I should look to fix this problem?


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SPR#234629 ?Flexible sub assemblies show balloons with an asterisk (*) rather than part number.? was fixed in service pack 1.1!



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