balloons not following subassembly condition - swx2005sp5

maybe this was a bug? just started using sw2005 a couple weeks ago. very routine little assembly, very first item is a routine 4 piece subassy. BOM agrees with model assembly order, shown correctly with indented subassemblies, etc. top level assy and subassy have only one configuration. have done ctrl-q and rebuild button, closed and reopened all files, yadi yada, a zillion times.

Balloons insist on numbering the separate components of the first subassembly, thereby incrementing item numbers with no relationship to the real assembly order.

been using swx since '98 and cannot believe I am sitting here fighting this for the 500th? time. yet another 5 minute routine task turned into a 4 hour clusterf....

did they throw some new hidden "enhancement" in here that I need to deal with?

thanks bill

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just as i was about to give up. i had made a subassembly from two of the components further down in the assembly order. even though the new sub did appear in the bom, i finally noticed that one of the components of it had disappeared. something with this subassy creation apparently blowed up the entire balloon numbering function. wtf? fixed it by deleting and recreating the bom.

waiting for the next weirdness... god, i wish all my customers were on swx2001 bill

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