Sandy Frank's condition.

Sandy Frank was in a serious auto accident on Oct. 1. I just received the
following from Doug Powell:
This is Doug "Chief" Powell. I have been getting a lot of inquiries
as to the Condition of Dr. Sandy Frank. He and I are long time friends. I am
sending out this update on Sandy's condition to try to let as many friend
and associates of Dr. Frank know his current condition. Please feel free to
share this update with anyone else that you feel would be concerned as to
his condition/progress since his horrific auto accident the afternoon of
Monday, 1 October, 2007 there in Muncie, IN. The following is an update on
Sandy's condition as of about a half hour ago (0830 hrs, 11 Oct), directly
from his Nurse there at Methodist Hospital in Indy.
Sandy has had the drain tubes removed from his lungs, and from the
surgery site on his lower right leg. He is only lightly sedated but is still
getting pretty substantial doses of pain killers. He is still on the chest
ventilator but they have cut the oxygen content back to 40%. He was given an
MRI on his neck yesterday to determine the exact extent of damage to the two
fractured vertebrae in his neck. The nurse said that the damage there was
pretty much what the Dr.'s had figured all along. She did not elaborate and
I forgot to ask. They did not x-ray his broken left collar bone, but she
said it was not serious and that it appeared to be mending fine. There is
little that they can do for that anyhow, as with any of his ribs that may be
broken. No word on when they will x-ray those to see how bad, if any. The
tests came back from the camera procedure that they did on his right lung
upper lobe on the 9th. They have him on some new antibiotics to clear up
the small infection to that lobe. He has contracted a light case of
pneumonia but they used samples taken in the camera procedure to determine
exactly what kind of meds to administer for that and are doing so. That is
pretty much what all she had to report this morning.
The original reports I was given by the nurse when we got to Indy
Tuesday evening (2 Oct) was that his left wrist, both legs below the knees,
left collar bone, #2 & #3 vertebrae, and probably several ribs were broken.
They had done the first surgery to his lower right leg Monday evening/night
to save the limb. That was a compound fracture with the bones being "in many
small pieces" and reported to me by the Dr. when he called me on the road
for authorization to do the surgery. He also sustained a large gash across
his forehead with some bleeding under the scalp which they have now drained
and removed that tube as well, and several scrapes and bruises. By the time
I got up there, they had been able to determine that there was no brain
damage or paralysis. It was later determined that he did NOT sustain a
broken left leg or wrist after all.
Since the accident Sandy has been been kept heavily sedated and on
large doses of pain killers due to the extent of his injuries and his
extremely critical condition. As reported above, he has shown enough
progress and improvement to move him from the 5th floor down to the 4th
floor, remove all but his breathing, feeding, and medications tubes from his
body. He is supposed to be moved, today, off of the tilting bed he has been
on since he arrived there by air evac helicopter Monday (1 Oct), to a
regular hospital bed. He is still listed as in critical condition and
probably will be until he can have the remaining tubes removed from his
body. To quote the nurse(s) "He is not out of the woods yet, but continues
to improve at an acceptable rate".
Jean and I were there until right at noon this past Friday (5 Oct)
when it became clear that he was stable and showing signs, even then, that
he was improving. We returned home to tend to other pressing matters, but
will be returning back up to Indy as soon as he is conscious and can speak
or otherwise communicate. Sandy's Lady friend has been there at his side
since he arrived at the hospital in Indy, and has been providing daily
reports to me on his condition. Those reports are in addition to the nurses
reports that I call up there and get daily.
Please do not try to call the hospital and get reports as he is
still in the critical care unit and the nurses are very busy. I have a POA
for Sandy, and have thus established a call in code word (required by the
hospital) to obtain detailed information on his condition. I will not send
out daily condition reports, but will wait until there is enough change in
his condition to warrant an update. If you are receiving this "second hand"
from someone else that received it originally, you can send me a note at and I will include your email address in the list of
those that I am addressing this update to.
Please do keep Sandy in your thoughts and prayers, as there is still
a long road and a whole lot of healing ahead of him. Later.
Bill Fulmer
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Bill Fulmer
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Bill: That's just awful. We all will be praying for his full recovery. Can you give us some detials on the accident? Frank Schwartz
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Frank Schwartz
I have emailed Chief for more info and will post whatever I learn here. All I know is what I posted earlier.
Thx, Bill
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Bill Fulmer
Any more updates
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