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Good mornin' all. Here is the latest on Sandy's condition and
He has improved enough to have all of the tubes removed from his
body. He has had the second surgery on his right leg and that is healing
well, and should be in a cast by the time you receive this. He is no longer
on pain killers or sedatives except as requested or occasionally needed. He
is over the touch of pneumonia that he had and has been breathing on his own
and unassisted for about a week now. The scalp wound is healing well and
almost all of the swelling there and over the rest of his body is gone. He
is now awake and alert most of the day, and his throat is slowly recovering
from the long period of having the breathing and feeding tubes in there.
This has allowed him to eat regular food. He is still fairly hoarse for now,
but getting better daily. He is still in a bit of a fog from being kept
sedated for so long and combined with the severe head bang he got on impact.
Basically he is just experiencing a lot of confusion and disorientation as
yet, but even that is markedly improved from only a week ago. He is still
fitted with the neck brace which is to restrict any movement of his neck
until the cracked vertebrae have completely mended.
Yesterday, he was relocated from Methodist Hospital to a rehab
facility called "The Rehabilitation Hospital of Indianapolis". There he
will be undergoing three to four weeks of several different kinds of therapy
daily. When his treatment there is finished, he will be released to
Out-patient care until he is as good as new.
It has been a long and scary road for him thus far, and all of us
as well, but the uphill climb has leveled off a lot, and the grade ahead is
far less steep than his initial recovery period has been. I feel that while
Sandy has been receiving the best care possible, that a goodly portion of
his recovery can be attributed to all of the good and well wishes and
prayers from all of you. For him, I thank you.
I have checked with the hospital and they tell me that he has room
now to place flowers, so all that have expressed the desire to send flowers,
I reckon that the door is wide open for that now. Before, he was sedated and
sleeping except for brief periods when they would rouse him to
consciousness. Now, in the rehab center, he will be awake almost all of the
daytime, and can enjoy the flowers and cards. He has received several cards
from folks and I was assured that Methodist Hospital forward any that
continue to arrive there, on over to him. If you care to send him a card or
flowers, please send to the following address.
c/o Dr. Sandy Frank
Room 411 Left
Rehabilitation Hospital of Indianapolis
4141 Shore Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46254
Thanks again for all of the prayers and well wishes, and please
keep 'em coming..
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