BOM & Balloons not matching?

What would caused the itme numbers in the balloons to not match the items in the BOM when detailing an assembly?

Thanks Jeff

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The first thing that comes to mind is that the BOM & the view are not referencing the same configuration.


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Wayne Tiffany

Make sure that "Keep linked to BOM" is selected in the Drawing view Properties.

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If its before 2007 and you are using the excel based BOM there would be views that are different configurations. We had this problem and had to place a BOM for each of the different configurations we had drawing views for. We hid those BOMs that weren't needed but the balloons would then match up. If you're using the SW BOM then you have to make sure that every view is linked to the correct BOM or make sure that the BOM is referencing the correct configuration.

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Thanks for the answers. The "keep BOM linked" was the culprit. I had never noticed that before, I just assumed that when you pick a view for the BOM it is then linked forever.. Learn something new everyday..I do have another question, see a new post from me.

Thanks again to all, Jeff

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Not Necessarily Me

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