I have a copy of a sample sw bom saved out that i use. this is the problem that arises. we have custom steel that uses configurations and we have are std. partnumber that shows in the bom. that fine when you're making a drawing of a (1) level part (ie. you have a angle with a hole in it. in the bom you have it specify the standard steel number from the steel configuration (lets call it PUPPY). now the part name will a different number lets say DOG). ok now i use DOG in assy/wldm in the bom on the drawing i want to see the information for DOG but instead i get info/part number for PUPPY.

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You need to apply configuration specific properties to both levels. I can't tell from your post whether or not you created a config for the raw material AND for the one with the hole in it, but that's what you need to do. Then when you change your assy to use the config with the hole in it, the BOM will use the properties assigned to that config.


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Wayne Tiffany

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