AutoSizing Row in SW BOM


Created drawing BOM using default SW part number field (filename). Later revision requires using company 6 digit number.


Filename was pretty long so the partno row wrapped the text -- changing the height accordingly. New partnumber fits in one row height - resulting in lots of space above/belelow the text.


Is there a command I can use to autosize the row height to match the other single height rows or do I have to manually set the new height using table properties and the number from a single row height?

Other option is just to re-insert table.


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You can specify a row height for an entire column, but there is no auto- size.

Move your pointer to the top of the column and find the place where the point turns to an arrow. Click here and you have selected the entire column. Right-click and go to formatting, row height.

Hope that helps.

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Dale Dunn

Wishfull thinking on my part I guess.

Thanks for the suggested Dale.



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