For my piping friends out there, pipe cut length not showing up in bom, see pic.
Yet again, I post concerning another little issue (BUG REALLY) I have
come across using the piping addin, here as you can see in the picture - the problem, when doing a bom table of the piping route, the cut length for just ONE PIPE is not showing up, I have had this happen before and have figured out how to get the length to show up. First, you see in the pic, unlike the other pipes that have a length associated with them in their names, this lonely pipe does not. SO when creating a bom, it also does not show any length either. So here is the fix, I open the route and right click the stubburn pipe with no length and change its config. to one of the other pipes, SW, thankfully, recognized the error of my ways and instead of changing it to the config I choose, it creates a new one with the cut length now displayed, HMMMM, I dont remember reading about this little secret in the help file though. I often notice also that the pipe without the length defined is usually the default pipe config. instead of a different config, such as "2 in, Schedule 40, 1". OH WAIT, now that I am typing this, I figured out the cause of this little bug, here is the fix, change the default pipe length which is 2" to something different, very different, like 1.9999". YOU SEE, SW was using the default config on my 2" pipe lengths and never created a table or length showing this 2" cut length, thats the common factor. Posting to this group really helps, all I need to do is explain it to myself and bam, I figure it out. Maybe SW could change the default length ro something different or tell SW to create a config even if the pipe length is 2", the default.
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