Oiler does not work in Ridgid 535 pipe threader

I bought a Ridgid 535 pipe threader at an auction at an advantageous
This thing did not work at all, at first. Nothing would run. I swapped
the top and bottom brushes and it started to run fine. (because the
bottom brush was more worn, so I wanted gravity to help it). For the
future, I ordered a set of brushes to replace the worn ones.
As of now, the threader runs, but nothing comes out of what I think is
the oiler pipe. I must admit that I am quite ignorant as to how the
oiling system works.
What I know is that
1) Oil is pumped by a gear pump, which does engage with the main gear.
2) Oil pan is relatively full of oil
3) There is A LOT of crud on the bottom of oil pan
4) If I loosen the compression fitting nut on what looks like the
output of the gear pump,no fluid seems to come out of the loosened
My guess is that the input (and perhaps output side too) of the pump
is plugged.
What else could be wrong?
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I would agree. Sounds like it needs a good cleaning.
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cheers Bob
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On my pipe threader there is a piston pump lever sticking out the left hand side of it to prime the oil pump. Mine is a different brand but yours may have the same option in a different place.
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No piston pump, but there is a priming port, maybe it will help.
I drained all fluid, cleaned out all gunk, and am now filtering the old oil back in through a rag in a funnel. I will try again after priming.
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I forgot to say, I did open the gerotor pump, it seems fine inside.
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They don't sell new oil where you live?
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