BOM not showing subs abs parts in indented list.

Hi all,

Has anyone also epxerienced the following problem and is aware of a work around?

I am trying to get a BOM for an assy. It consists of 1 subassy which is instanced 23 times. Under the BOM options I checked the "show all parts and assy as indented list" option. It cruches away, and generates a bom, but is only lists the subassy with a qty 23, but none of the parts in the subassy is listed.

Can anyone tell why it does this and how to get it to show me all the parts.

Thanks in advance for your assitance.


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Vang Her
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Hi, found this in an earlier post, may help

Have you tried using the option to not show child components in BOM when used as a sub assembly. It is in the configuration properties. You can turn it on for any subassemblies that you want to be numbered as a single component and off for the subs that you need to see the parts of. Then you can still use the BOM option to Show Parts Only.


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