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Hi, We are using SolidWorks to generate our BOM's for ordering sheetmetal parts. Some of the parts in our main assembly are welded assemblies. At this time we have been using the "parts only" to display our BOM's, because this will total up the qty of each part required for the main assembly. The downside is that its somewhat difficult to figure out what parts are required for the welded assembly. Now if we were to use the "indented assemblies" it would list all my welded assemblies but would also be time consuming to go review the entire list, especially when we have parts located in multiply sub-assemblies. I must also mention that our welded assemblies are drive by design tables so saving them as a part or making them a weldment doesn't make much sense. Has anyone ran into this issue or have any suggestion for us to get around it. Is there some sort of API that could be used to display the total qty of each part used in the main assembly and the total qty of each assembly.


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Hi ES,

I belive our product "ToolWorks BOM Manager" will exclude your weldments from your BOM. You can give it a try...

Download a free trial from

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Best regards Jess G. Frandsen SDH Development

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Jess G. Frandsen

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