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greets all,
i have been playing with 2004's new weldment feature
and am trying to figure a few things out.
specifically, how do i get weldment drawings to draw (and dimension)
each body/piece of the weldment separately? i'm getting the standard
any way to indicate on the cut list that the particular piece has mitered
though i'm having a great time with the new feature i can't see
how productive weldment drawings are unless they can generate
a clear cutlist with full dimensions and notes (like mitered corners)
i'd prefer having drawings of each of the elements, independently,
rather than an isometric or 3view. something i can hand to a fabricator
and he can run off to the chopsaw with.
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2004 SP 3.0 now adds the end condition at each end to the weldment cut list props. It should now be a simple matter of including these props into your weldment cut list table template.
You detail out the individual components by using the new 'Relative View' function under the drawings toolbar.
Merry :-)
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Merry Owen
What I usually do for a compound mitered extrusion is go to the solid bodies folder in the feature manager and right click the body I want to detail and select insert into new part, give it a file name, and create a drawing from that file. Everything stays associated so if you make minor changes they will propogate through to the drawing. You must do this before you create a cut list item out of the part however. I Hope that was some help. Mike
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Michael Brusich

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