reverse BOM?

Perhaps this funtionality already exists within SWx, or in an add-in. If so, please let me know.

Working with a part today that is used in many different assemblies. Some of those assemblies are also sub-assemblies, ect, ect, ect. Our production manager ask me to provide him a new copy of the drawing for this part today. While waiting on the printer, he ask me if there were a way to compare his upcoming production orders to a list of that part's " where used ". To my knowledge, there is not. It would have been useful to be able to tell him that the particular part is also used as a component in 4 of the assemblies on his list. It saves setup time to produce all parts at once. I'd like to be able to create a reverse BOM that I can anchor within a parts drawing, listing its useage.

The scenario would then be: PM receives a work order for retail assembly "J" ( currently all our work orders are hand written ) he pulls the BOM for J and all associated drawings each part drawing contains a "reverse BOM" he then can visually scan the reverse BOMs and notice that part # 091-2017 also happens to be used in items Q T and F ( either directly or as part of a sub-assembly) he is aware that a work order for Q is also lying on his desk now he can make enough of part # 091-2017 to satisfy both work orders thus saving him setup time, and perhaps, some raw material cost

I can get part of the information from the SW explorer or PDM works " Where Used" buttons. But that only catches the first assembly. If that assembly is a sub to another, the " Where Used " misses it. I would have to repeat the process for each assembly until reaching the "retail part" level. Any ideas?

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Sounds like a job for SW Explorer which is a freebie bundled with SW. It can be downloaded from SW also.

Note that is will have a hard time with parts that exist as configurations of another part. Other than that you should have a look at the things you have under START/Program Files/SW.

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you could perhaps do something is SW, but it sounds like it'd be clumsy at best....essentially, you're talking about a primitive MRP system

You might want to look at "NumberCruncher"--it's a Quickbooks add-on that can be used to generate work-orders, and to perform inventory management. We input the BOM from SW into NumberCruncher, and from there can generate reports that will compare requirements to available inventory. It allows us to manage our material requirements pretty well.

"Brian" tell him that the particular part is also used as a component in 4 of the

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If I understand you are asking for a multilevel Next Assembly List?

I was planning on creating a solution for single level Next Assembly. I was debating whether to use a PDM works related addin or creating the whole where used database stand alone. It sounds like what you want is a little beyond what I was thinking but I will add it in. I will let you know when I have something. It will be a while yet though.


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