Where'd my icons go?

My exit sketch icons in the upper right hand corner have disappeared.

It's very annoying, I either have to right click to 'exit sketch' or rebuild. I want my green check and red x back.

I recently reinstalled SolidWorks 2005 and I just upgraded to Service Pack 2.0.

I looked for a setting under tools->options that might have done it, but I found nothing.

Any thoughts?

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Tools>Options>SystemOptions>EnableConfirmationCorner (checkbox, about 1/2 way down)

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Thanks! I never knew that was called a 'confirmation corner.' I just wonder how it got checked off.


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The confirmation corner disappearing (being unchecked in tools options) seems to be a "feature" of 2005. It has happened to me in every service pack and often happens several times a day. Frustrating...

RageX wrote:

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Have you been able to catch the sequence of events which cause it to be turned off? I get the same problem, but not as frequently.

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Dale Dunn

I just had a thought here that sounds silly, but maybe has some merit. I have never seen mine act up, but then again I have it turned off - I hate it. Now, before you go DUHHHHH, think about this: if the sequence causing the issue were such that it TOGGLED the setting, I should be seeing mine come on. However, since I don't, then whatever is causing yours to turn off is doing only that, not toggling the setting. Might be a clue, thank you very much. (bow taken... :-)


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Wayne Tiffany

Good point. I'll kepp watching.

About the confirmation corner. I used to hate it too, until I realized I can use it to exit a sketch and discard changes. I don't know of another way to do that, so I got used to the confirmation corner.

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Dale Dunn


The conf corner here at my company have been proven to cause crashes. We disable it by deafault. (Happens alot if there is a spaceball or spacemouse connected)

/Mike S

Dale Dunn wrote:

realized I

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How did you go about proving this? I have a spaceball, use the corner and have random crashes. Did you ever catch with Rx?

solidworks wrote:

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