Flat Patterns NOT Rebuilding

Has anyone out there experienced this?:
I make a change to a sheet metal part and occasionally, my flat pattern
doesn't/won't rebuild. If I click rebuild, it still won't update it.
I've recently sent a few incorrect cut files to my laser guy.
I have two sheets in my .slddrw, first a "title block" and second a
"flat pattern". The title block shows my iso, front, top, right side,
etc. and all the changes show just fine. If I'm careful enough to
notice, the flat pattern has a green ghost image when the face is
clicked on showing the proper geometry. My only remedy is to open the
.sldprt file, change to the flat pattern configuration, and then change
back to default, now if I look and the flat pattern sheet in the
.slddrw, it's correct. That's not the way it should be.
I've been creating a standardized template for my company, I'm not sure
if I changed a setting I can't find again or what.
Has anyone got a solution for me?????
Thanks in Advance,
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