Sheet Metal Flat Pattern Not Updating on Drawing - HELP!

We have a very serious issue with SolidWorks Drawings at the moment; in particular, with flat patterns of sheet metal parts. Here's what happens:

  1. Have a sheet metal part and cooresponding flat pattern drawing.
  2. Open up the part, modify a dimension or two, rebuild.
  3. Go to the SolidWorks drawing, the flat pattern doesn't update, even if the drawing is rebuilt.

This seems only to affect sheet metal parts for some reason. What's interesting, is that on the drawing, one sees the "old" part. But, if you click on the flat pattern, you will see the highlighted outline of the "new" (updated) part.

A Ctrl+Q seems to fix it (from either part or drawing), but this is something that ought to work with a rebuild.

Please, someone let me know what is going on here and how we can fix it.



SW2004 SP2.1

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Steve Fye
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I have noticed a similar issue with "Old style" sheetmetal Parts (where you add the sheetmetal features after you have finished shaping the part.) In the "Flat-Pattern" config If an edit was made to the bend sketch it doesn't update until the bends feature is un-supressed and re supressed. I believe there is a SPR # on it but don't recall what it is. (I don't really know is it wrong to post an SPR # or is it OK)

description A customer noticed that if he adds sketch entities to the flat-sketch located under the Process-Bend feature, the sketch entities do not solve their relations when the geometry is changed, unless the Process-Bends feature is unsuppressed. If you open the attached part, edit Flat-Sketch1 and check out the relations on it, the midpoint relations don't seem to be solving correctly. Please take a look and let me know what you determine.


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Corey Scheich

Ive been fighting with this one for a couple of years. It generally appears if the referenced model has multiple configs, and/or the flat pattern view has been rotated.

My workaround has been to

1) Select the offending flat pattern view. 2) When the view properties show up in the property manager, RESELECT the "referenced configuration"
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